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With the same spiritual background in the 312 Azusa street revival and the starting of what today is the modern global Pentecostal movement the five Nordic Pentecostal movements share common ground spiritually and regionally. Through leaders like Thomas Ball Barratt, Lewi Pethrus, Eino Manninen and others the pentecostal experience was brought to our countries and the flame of Pentecost has forever changed christian history. We believe in a great future for the Pentecostal movements in the Nordics and we want to support each other in dreaming, envisioning and fulfilling the Great Commandment with compassion in our hearts. Therefore we have formed the Pentecostal Nordic Fellowship. The network is hosted by the Superintendents of the five national movements.

Pentecostal Nordic Fellowship Summit in Iceland

When November turned to December the five leaders of the Pentecostal Nordic Fellowship gathered on the scenic island of Iceland for a few days of retreat, fellowship, talks and writings. The group visited some sites where the volcano island had had its both natural, political and spiritual encounters. 


Three texts were written during the days and they were around the subjects of leadership, social involvement and church planting. All of this was written out of the leaders talks concerning the current situation of the Nordic countries in the end of 2022. 


May the texts come to use and be a guiding blessing in prayer, decision and planning within our movements comprising of about 1 000 churches with some 200 000 members. 


God bless the Nordic countries with spiritual warmth and joy in the midst of challenges. Jesus Christ is Lord and the Spirit is our leader.

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Mosaik, the Danish Pentecostal Movement, is led by Superintendent Sam Michaelsen.

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The Finnish Pentecostal movement is led by Exectutive Director Esko Matikainen.


The Icelandic Pentecostal movement is led by Superintendent Aron Hinriksson.

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The Norwegian Pentecostal movement, Pinsebevegelsen, is led by Superintendent Øystein Gjerme.

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The Swedish Pentecostal Movement, Pingst - fria församlingar i samverkan.

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"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

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Nordic Pentecostal Superintendents gathering in Norway February 2020.

From the left:
Aron Hinriksson, Iceland
Dan Sørensen Jacobi, Denmark
Daniel Alm, Sweden
Øystein Gjerme, Norway
Mika Yrjölä, Finland

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